Cordless branch cutter

Cordless branch cutter

Model No.︰SC-5802

Brand Name︰SUCA

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Cordless branch cutter

Battery: Lithium battery
Lithium Battery: 21V 4AH
Power: 400W
Cutting Diameter: 100mm
Guide: 4",6",8"
Chain Speed: 11m/s
Machine Weight: 1.5kg
Li-battery Weight: 0.6kg

Compared with other types of chainsaws, this chainsaw has the proper size and light weight, so you can hold it more easily and can be used by more people.

Ergonomic handle design, one-handed use, long-time gripping will not tire your hands.

Cordless design, light and handy, easy to handle and saw wood.

The saw chain is deep-hardened at high temperatures and has sharp serrations, which are more wear-resistant and cut smoothly.

High work efficiency, high positioning accuracy, low noise, can give you a better experience.

The cutting speed is fast, the practicability is strong, the power consumption is low, the stability is high, and the performance is good.

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