tapetool bz-2

tapetool bz-2

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Brand Name︰suca

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Unit Price︰US $ 12 / pc

Minimum Order︰2000 pc

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Product Description

Founded in 1984, Our company specializes in tapetool, tape binder, tapener, hand tying machine, electric pruning shear, vine tying tools, grafting machine, grafting tool, tomato pollination tool, tomato pollinator, grafting tools, tomato pollinators, can fix the vine of plant such as tomato, cucumber, grape, capsicum ect. We practice a strict quality control system to ensure the perfection of products. With the devotion and efforts of our engineers and production personnel and having long been adhered to our business philosophy of “Sincerity and quality,” we offers customers the quality tools.

We sometimes also call it: vine tapetool, plant fixing machine, hand tying machine,TAPETOOL,Tape binder,tapener,vine tying tools,hand tying machine,Grafting machine.
The "SUCA" tapetool machine is used for attaching and binding various types of plants to stakes and trellising wires.
It can fix the vine of plant such as tomato, cucumber, grape,capsicum ect.
In the past, if farmers want to fix the vine of tomato, cucumber, grape on the bracket, we usually use hand to fix with high labour intensity and low
This new type tapetool with plastic belt as the binding material and stitching needles to fix the belt. Farmers can operate it with only one hand.
Whether your task is in a nursery securing high value standards, or in a vineyard ensuring security for valuable vines and trees, SUCA tapener guns and accessories give plants that desirable uniform appearance. One tapener does the work of three people tying by hand!
Tapener Gun Features:
Tying plants to support stakes & lines.
Saves time and provides a secure plant tie.
Very fast, very tidy and highly professional presentation
Lightweight, durable and easy to use.
Plated for corrosion resistance in the elements.
Easy to maintain and provide fantastic value for money.
Universally compatible with MAX Tapener Guns.
ALL parts and components available to maintain your tapener for many years.
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